Friday, May 14, 2010

Dear Diary, What's in a Tag?

One of the most time consuming things about listing items is sometimes the Tagging....
It's also sometimes one of the most important and one of the most controversial. 

What are tags meant to do? They are the keywords that are filed through when someone uses the search box on etsy. According to etsy this is the most used way to find an item that is eventually purchased, so you can see why these are so important. 

I "searched" etsy blog and forums for posts related to tagging and found more information than I wanted. After sifting through them these were the points I found most relevant.

  • Your first tag isn't really a tag it is the category. The other 13 are considered true tags
  • Tags should only describe the item, they should not be uses for the item, verbs, etc.
  • Only use synonyms that are truly synonyms ie. don't use tote bag to describe a clutch, although purse could be used for either. 
  • The who, what, when and even where are most relevant. Kitchen could be used for pot holders.
  • Do not use words that are in your title, titles are searched for keywords too. 
So you are stuck? I wondered how I could find out what tags are most used by people searching so I tried Google's keyword finder, part of their adwords program. I used business card case and found that an even more relevant keyword for that with more than twice the searches was business card holder.

If you have the time to use it it's a great tool. So Links? 
Etsy's Guideline to Tagging 
Tag-o-Rama (lots of actual tagword examples to choose from)

Both were very helpful. I've been falling down on the blogging lately, I'll try to be more regular about it! Good Selling! Jamie.

Thanks to paperquick, click on the picture above to see the other "tags" in her shop!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dear Diary, Not Enough Time!

Dear Diary, Today is a rushed day. (Time Ticking image VenusFlytrapJewels) I need to ship, I need to take some photos and I need to list some items. So Numbers will have to wait....

I do want to give a big "great job" to etsy though about the new treasury programs! They are great, before everyone just sat around waiting for them to open and then when they did, rushed to create them and then everyone would gripe about what was chosen for FP. Well now it has an entirely different fun atmosphere. You can make one anytime, you can use it for all sorts of different purposes and the contests they are having are great. Here is a link to one of the forum posts for the rules of creating and submitting treasuries for the Homepage. I was featured in this great little treasury that was nominated.

Also it is an honor for one of my items to be on PaperCakesFinds Blog. If you have never visited, go, her blog is visually so pretty, her selections, background, everything just flows so wonderfully! My item was chosen by using the tag Pretty! So tags are important, check back tomorrow for a post on tagging and guidelines!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dear Diary, Goals Reached!

I hope all of you had a great Mother's Day weekend. I know I did! I had 12 items sell ! Yay! Great multi item buyers, but more about business tomorrow, I'm just bursting with some personal news that I know some of you may find boring, but it was the highlight of my weekend definitely, maybe my year so far even!

A lot of you know my kids play competitive junior tennis. In Texas there are three levels and a points system is used to "qualify" the kids from one level to another. Not only do you have to earn the right number of points but it has to be in a certain combination so that you reach that points level in a combination of 4 tournaments in a year time frame. Well Sunday on Mother's Day my youngest got runner up in the Corpus Christi Champ Tournament, but more important than that she reached her points by winning the semi finals and is now in the top level of junior tennis in Texas. She is a beautiful, smart and vibrant kid and I'm so proud of her.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dear Diary, Little Did I Know!

Well it isn't reflected here but DawnCorrespondence's comment on Tuesday's post set off a storm of comments in the uwib forum. The consensus on relisting?

  • Jewelry sellers and other sellers of stock items feel it is essential to their business. They can quickly relist topsellers.
  • Some sellers use it to bring relevantly themed items to the top of search results when those themes are trending (I'll have to try that!)
  • Sellers agree that ooak items are not appropriate for relisting if it has been done multiple times with no results.
  • Some sellers take dead stock ooak items and remake them into other things that may sell.
Hope I got it right! Thanks for everyone for the comments, uwib rocks! 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dear Diary....the Streak Broken..

Dear Diary, today my no sales streak for over a week ended! Yay! I had two sales. I was getting pretty jumpy since I don't usually go that long without a sale, so I feel better. And, it frees me up a little, with no sales comes no cash and no new inventory! I'm not a fan of relisting just to get views, so if an item hasn't expired I don't usually relist. Anyway how do I know if I want to relist an item or not? I mean if it has been on the "shelf" so to speak for 3 months with no movement, well is it a good item? is the price too high? is the picture bad?

How do you move your aging inventory? This last time I relisted items I lowered the prices of them by 50%. I felt they were all fab items like the earrings pictured. I sold one of the half a dozen or so I reduced. I asked her how she found the item and she said through google, she was looking for a sterling silver picture frame and the bangle bracelet showed up in the search results, imagine that! So she wasn't looking for it, she didn't find the price a reason to buy, I don't know.....

At any rate, at the end of this listing period these items won't be renewed. I liquidate my unsold items in lots, sometimes through craigslist, sometimes on ebay, sometimes if they are sweet and small things I'll give them away as gifts with purchases. But it is a problem all of us face, what to do with dead inventory? If you have a creative solution for either handmade or vintage items, leave it in the comments, I'd love to hear! Until tomorrow, Jamie.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Dear Diary, In Praise of Online Friends.....

One of the things business gurus encourage you to do online is to network. One way of networking is to join a group. There are lots of groups you can join both within and outside of Etsy. Some are better than others, some have different vibes, but I think they all have their place. A while back I joined a group that I found via twitter. It's called Unique Women in Business. They provide a great support structure for fledgling entrepreneurs. It is a forum that you can ask for opinions and advice. The wide base of members are almost always able to provide you with some kind of first hand answers.They also provide a platform to promote one another's work. You do have to make one purchase a month from another member but with the wide range of businesses and products you can almost always find something you would need to buy anyway.  

So explore your options, talk with other entreprenuers in your niche, see what groups they belong too. Explore your options, the forums are a great place to learn about groups and the etsy teams. 

On a sidebar, I'd like to thank these lovely ladies for all the kind words they have passed my way since January. Some people don't really get the concept of online friends, but I can tell anyone who asks that the relationships are real. Thanks UWIB! 

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dear Diary.....

Trying something new.....The listings I've done the last several weeks have been heavily fashion oriented. I have some paper ephemeral that has just been sitting about waiting to be listed so I changed tracks today and listed some of those pieces...

These are photogravure prints from an 1894 volume by Selmar Hess, Great Men and Women. I love the detail on the horses.....Wonderful pieces.. Also I've been so busy lately I seem to have lost some steam, I need to regroup, refocus, Think! My etsy shop has several different prints, I've also listed some vintage map pages for crafting or other uses, We'll see what happens!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dear Diary....

Okay so today my usual bright and sunny disposition is not so bright. I am a believer in facing whatever comes your way with positive thoughts feelings and actions. I look for the best in each day and try to build on it. Sometimes all of us though just get in a funk, and today I'm in one. Wrecked car, lots of personal stuff to do and despite a plus of 800 views from Friday of last week until Monday I've had no sales. I even skipped posting yesterday, I was so busy with hubby computer probs, Avis rental car claims, etc.

I can't even think of anything fun or helpful to write about so that is why I'm writing about my funk!

One thing that my business group posted about yesterday was the Graphics Fairy. I'd never seen this site but it's pretty cool. So I guess I do have something to write about....Free Images, and some really great vintage ones....

Anyway you always hear if the same old thing isn't working to try something new, I'm off to think of something new. I usually don't go more than a day or two with no sales so this is discouraging. Until Tomorrow, Jamie.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Dear Diary, What Kind of Weekend Was This?

Well guys, my weekend was good and bad, on a personal note, Friday night we were on our way to Dallas in the rain when a speeding car sideswiped us. As we were going down the freeway on two wheels all I could say was "HOLD ON!" Once again we were super lucky, minimal damage to our car (the other was totalled) kids were fine, dog fine, us fine. Other driver? no insurance, something fishy going on with the car, Avis shows it was never rented.... Drivers info address, phone number etc looks to be bogus...

Sales, only the 2 I got Friday. Up 500 views in my shop from Friday with multiple new Hearts. So I'm wondering how your weekend was?

On a very interesting note I got a tweet from Oktak that there is a new etsy hack app that you can use to remove your expired listings... for someone who has a couple of years worth of those that is exciting! I'm installing it later today but Oktak assures me it works, I'll let you know my results, here is the link.

So until tomorrow gotta go, (have car issues to work out!) Leave me a comment on how your weekend was sales or otherwise, I'd love to hear! Jamie

Friday, April 23, 2010

Dear Diary, Does My Shop Have the LOOK?

For those of you who sell vintage Etsy just put on their blog this week part 1 of their Guide to Selling Vintage. I browsed some of the shops mentioned and read the entry but one thing common to all the guides is PHOTOS. One of the most asked questions in any forum I've ever stumbled on has been never ending how do I take a good photo. It also calls to my mind some of the shops that have such wonderful images it becomes part of their shops branding or style. This is one of my favorite etsy shops, DearGolden.

Their photos are simple, always against the same background, always on the same dress form and highlight the merchandise. This has become their visual identity. Another seller, (whose name I will not reveal) relies on two pieces of copy paper and the great outdoors for her light. Even others rely on light boxes. Obviously using copy paper and light boxes your items have to be small but the same theory applies, the same look every time.

I went in search of my look when I started listing more clothing. I had to have a dress form so I was no longer photographing lumps of clothing flat on the tile floor. I got one off of ebay. Not the best of quality but the price was right. Ebay is an excellent source for light boxes, dress and jewelry forms. I then set out around the house to find a good background. I still don't know if I've found one but I settled on my stucco wall on the balcony for now. Here is my latest photographic endeavor.  Doesn't really compare to my "golden" standard but maybe I'll get there someday. It is a lot better than flat on the tile floor though! Complete weekend stats on Monday, but started off right with two sales late last night. Good Sales to everyone and until Monday, Jamie.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dear Diary....Day 4 Odds and Ends plus Google Analytics

Sales 2 for a whopping $8.74   Net $8.43 (total sales less etsy fee for sale)
New Listings, 0
Views +323 (how'd I do that?) see below...
New Shop Hearts 3

Yesterday I talked about Project Wonderful. Ironically I got what I'm sure was a form e-mail (but it was addressed to me personally so it made it seem better) from PW Customer Service asking for my feedback. Not sure how I'll respond yet but I will at some point, anyone with anything to say to them let me know!

Okay now to the meat of today's entry... I wanted to know how I got the bump in views with no new items so I went to google analytics to see where those views came from. Google Analytics is a kind of Back of the House for people with websites. You can see a post in the Storque about GA for those of you who don't know what it is.

Yesterday I had 96 visits from 90 different people. They looked on average at 3.83 pages per visit. Here's the surprise, only 25 of those visits came from people already on etsy's website. The rest of them, 71 others, came directly to my shop from google, a PW ad, twitter or other sources. Based on that I'd say outside marketing is extremely important to the views and eventually sales in your shop. Tags and the title of your items become very important too with google being the 2nd biggest source of views for me.

Do you know any useful little tidbits about google analytics? Do you use it? Let me know, as always, until tomorrow, Jamie.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 3, Project Wonderful

Okay daily stats really quick, No Sales Yesterday. 1 new listing, 198 new views, 1 new shop heart, multiple item hearts.

Yesterday I talked about passive and active marketing. I focused on active marketing like twitter and facebook. From the comments I got it looks like everyone really likes this social media and it really adds pleasure to their day as well as lets everyone know what they do. Tracy with PolishedTwo uses it as her only real marketing tool with great success.

Passive marketing is placing ads. There are two ways to do this, directly with the host site and through a broker. Project Wonderful is just that, an advertising space broker. You can submit your site earn money by getting ads placed on it and you can also bid on ad space to place your own ads. The ads come in different sizes, although I get the feeling the square is the most popular. You can see an ad just to the upper left of this blog. What do I like about having ads on my blog?
  • it can add variety to your blogpage
  • it can bring more people to your blog (they have to look at the blog to decide to advertise there)
  • it earns you a few cents
Now that I've earned a few cents I usually feel like I need to spread those pennies around by placing ads of my own. My ad is pretty simple and they are really easy to set up. You search for available ad space by using key words. I search by using the term vintage and by using the term etsy. You can then visit the blogs, see stats on them like views and make decisions on bids. Most space is available for .40 cents or less, but blogs with huge traffic can be several dollars. Here's the question, do they bring any more views to your shop?

I placed 21 bids over the last week, ranging from a penny to 40 cents. I have won with all of them at different times. It resulted in 13, I said 13 total expenditure over the last week was about $3.50. So while I love the concept of Project Wonderful and I will continue to use it, (gotta do something with the pennies I earn on this blog) I don't expect much in terms of sales results. Maybe I'm using it wrong. If you have different ideas about Project Wonderful let me know in the comments, or what is your favorite way or place to put an ad.....
Until tomorrow, Jamie.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 2, Dear Diary......

What happened yesterday? Listed 5 items, Sold 1, Gained 1 Shop Heart. 
Financially? Made 9.99, Spent 1.34 (listing fees, plus .34 for the sale) for a net profit of $8.65; Less cost of goods, and well it is a little less than $8.65 hmmmmmm.

On the bright side I did sell an item and gain a heart so here's to repeating a sale today and more sales in the future. 

Yesterday, I mentioned promotional efforts. I divide promotions/marketing into two types. Passive and Active. Today I wanted to talk a little bit about active. I think those are things like Twitter, Facebook, Plurk and whatever other social media you use. It is active because it requires your time to interface with the platform and users. You just have to be careful how much time you spend. It can get addicting, but it does work. Last week I sold an item to @MerCuriosJewels. She saw it on twitter from her phone and bought it from her phone. Hey, marketing in action. Her Etsy shop is pretty great too, check it out

Tracy with an awesome etsy shop who recently hit 5000 sales (GASP) uses facebook a lot for her marketing. So I guess it is kind of what you are comfortable with.

What's your favorite form of active marketing and why? Submit what works for you by commenting. I'd love to hear and I'm sure others would too!
Until tomorrow, Jamie.

Monday, April 19, 2010

STATS - A Starting Point......

Okay, Where to start my Diary? Well since my aim is to grow my shop how about my current stats.

My shop started selling vintage in February of 2009, before that I sold handmade so here it is since vintage...

Sales since 2/2009       346
Sales Per Month            23
Shop Hearts                447
Items for sale             178
Shop Views            23,305
Avg Views/Item           131

These are fairly simple stats, I didn't dig down into item hearts, or any of the google analytics data, but the numbers I chose are what we would have called topline stats a few years ago and I think they should be a good measure of my overall success in getting more sales. 

These simple topline stats are easily available in your shop and by using . If you are new to the etsy game you will be sure to want to check it out. 

On the agenda for today? 
  •  Shipping - I have two weekend sales to ship
  • Listing - I have several items to photograph and list  (affecting views and sales hopefully)
  • I always, answer e-mails, tweet, check on other promotional efforts (more to come there!)
So Until Tomorrow! J.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Under Construction.....

Now that my garage is finished I'm shifting focus. I have been really concentrating a lot on my vintage shop retrochique. Not spending a lot of time working but thinking what can I do to really develop it? So while my workroom for Destination Handmade is really not inhabitable (still a little left to do there) I am going to work every day on my vintage shop. I decided to make this an open forum, I'm going to try anything and everything to boost it and maybe come up with some best practices. And when I say open forum, I mean it, I leave the comments open for critique, suggestions, questions etc.

In preparation for my start next week my blog is a little under you may see some things coming and going here.....until Monday, when the Diary of an Etsy Vintage Seller starts!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

testing, testing, testing.......

Well it is that time of year, my kids just finished the TAKS, and the Practice TAKS.....UGH.
For those of you not from Texas it is the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills. This is a yearly process the kids go through, learning the skills to take the test, practicing the test and then actually taking the test. It is divided up by grade and subject and takes entirely toooo much time and focus in the school. Well, I mean, that is how the teachers get paid so what do you think happens?

When I was in school here in Texas we didn't even have our own test, I remember taking the CATS (California Achievement Test) test a couple of times, but it was nothing we actually prepared for. It tested us over what we should have already learned.

I remember in high school taking some kind of army sponsored aptitude test. The high point of the test was when the administrator of the test, a coach/vocational teacher called us all jackasses for misbehaving and well being jackasses during the test.

My evaluation came back that I should be an engineer. Since my name is ambiguous the army was sending personal recruiting letters to Mr. Jamie Loftis for the next two years.

Well I think that the teachers should teach, those who want to learn will learn, those who want to be jackasses will be well, jackasses. Teaching our kids how to pass a test, well, I think that is being, well, you know.......

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


OKAY! Drumroll needed here, I have posted above the garage before and after pics, so just a few words on Wordless Wednesday......

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fresh Start.....

Since the fire life has been a little unsettled. Well the garage is finished now, new carpet in our house, electrical done.... we thought maybe it was time for a little vacation. So the two younger kids, my husband and I went to Playa Escondida in Sayulita, Mexico. It was a tech free vacation, no phones, no cell service, very spotty internet, and no television. The surroundings were beautiful, the food delicious, alcohol plentiful and the sea breeze intoxicating. The kids (including my husband) played in the surf while I relaxed and unwound. I had my first ever hot stone massage and it was well worth it.......

I also splurged and read a book. I used to read a lot, now I'm a movie fanatic, takes less time but has somewhat the same payoff. But in tech free Playa Escondida there were numerous books left by others and no televisions so I read Stephanie Meyer's New Moon. I reviewed the movie Twilight and became a fan. The book New Moon did not disappoint. Still a total feminine, romantic fantasy...... Where else can you get someone who is gorgeous, loves your flawed self, saves you at every turn, is wealthy, etc etc.....It is what every girl dreams of unconditional acceptance and protection. And so I'm back at home now, All that is left is to clean up my poor neglected work room, I will admit though I went on amazon and ordered the third Twilight installment tonight, Eclipse. I'll let you know.....

Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Movie Review - Shutter Island

As I'm sitting here puzzling over my insurance claim I have decided to take a break and write a Monday Movie Review.

We saw Shutter Island over the weekend and had the pleasure of it being one of those movies that isn't quite what it appears at first glance. I was expecting a scary thriller, but what I got was more of a psychological mystery, and well there were a couple of scary bits. Set in the 1950's the location is very interesting, clothing and sets very fun to look at. I can't tell too much or I may give away the plot line, but on the surface it is about the disappearance of a patient/prisoner in a high security prison for the mentally disturbed. Like The Others, and Sixth Sense there is quite a little twist (not ghostly though) about who is whom that doesn't come out until very near the end, and well if you miss the last line of the movie, you miss what made it satisfying to me. It is one of those movies though that not everyone will get, you do have to think and well a lot of people I heard go "now what happened?" (including my husband).

Anyway if you like mystery suspense type movies or are a particular fan of Leonardo de Caprio, go see it, I highly recommend it, but don't miss the last line!
Tile pendant of Sigmund Freud from Kristen Stein's etsy shop, Click the Photo to go to her shop.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Where Did All the Manners Go?

Just a bone to pick.....Went to Kroger this morning, like I usually do on Saturday morning, pick up a paper, maybe a couple of breakfasty type things. I really don't feel the need to get dressed up for this event. I'm usually in my pajamas, glasses on (I am optically challenged). This morning I only needed a newspaper and after checking at the convenience store (where the clerk would have happily allowed me to purchase Thursday's 2 day old paper) I went into Kroger and to the Starbucks stand. You can quickly purchase a paper there without standing in any lines and the paper stand is right next to it. I grabbed my paper and went to the register to pay the barrista. A gentleman old enough to behave better said the following "HEY, I haven't paid yet".

Well, there was no line, I had only a paper and he had multiple skinny, no foam, extra shot whatevers... I really didn't have a problem waiting for him to check out, I had a problem with the way he did it. I know his momma raised him better! Maybe he was just in a hurry, so today I will make sure that I take extra time to be polite, and point out to the kids the opportunities to do so too. Above are a couple of etsy items that fit my politeness theme I think, Click on the pictures to go to HarvestMoonByHands etsy shop and BeanForests shop (coincidentally great prices on these items too). Have a great Day!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Obsessed with Envelopes

I've always admired people who craft with paper. It's so precise, dealing with color and shape...Well and there is something magical about an envelope, the mystery of what may or may not be inside, like a gift waiting to be opened. I've become a bit obsessed with them, and there are so many great envelope crafters on etsy. Above are two of my faves, bottom DawnCorrespondence, and top Adnagam. Click on the pics to go to their shops.

I went off in search of my own way to create envelopes. I googled etc. and came up with a great little origami pattern for envelopes. I tried some different sizes and papers, upcycled children's primer pages etc. Here are my results to the left. Want to make some yourself? Here is the link, Origami, I had to play with it before I got the hang of it but, it was pretty fun and now I have something to use for order thank yous! Have fun, have a great week, Jamie.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Boredom Sets In

okay, I'm at my hubby's office filling in for the receptionist (she has Friday's off and well today there are meetings so no receptionist is a no-no) and well for lack of anything constructive to busy my hands with I'm pretty bored. So I thought I would post a few of my favorite links that have the word pretty in them. contests, DIY, links to posts for etsy sellers, very informative! Currently has a tapeswell giveaway for followers, cool stuff! Great fashion inspiration and nice looks at accessories Sweet etsy shop with some very nice things! Her ship in a bottle is pictured above.
Well signing out for now, Have a great weekend!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Going to the Post Office? Fight Breast Cancer

I got a forwarded e-mail today with a really heartwarming breast cancer survivor story about an elementary principal, some of you may have seen it. I tried to use the blogger function to import it here, but it didn't work : ( Anyway at the end of it there was an informative bit about a new .55 cent stamp the extra 11 cents go towards the fight against breast cancer. It is called the Fund the Cure stamp and was designed by Elizabeth Kessler. The goal is to raise 35 million by selling books of these stamps.

I know that a lot of us go the post office frequently and use a lot of postage. The extra 11 cents per stamp isn't a lot and I know most of us have been touched by cancer, if not specifically breast cancer, in some way. Both my grandmother and my great aunt that I blogged about died of cancer. So take a little extra time and buy some stamps, spread the word too. Thanks.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Will Spring Spring Already?

All this unseasonably cool weather for Houston has really got me down, I love warm weather and once I get cold I just can't seem to get warm again. So I'm trying to think warm thoughts and picture spring. Here are a few selections of fresh spring merchandise for a little retail therapy......
So much for spring time dreams, off to go cozy up in my multiple layers of pj's, blankets and comforters......

Merchandise pictured top to bottom
Love in BLoom by Beegrl88
Welcome Spring by KristenSteinFineArt
Bobbies by DirtRoadSouth
Light Green Window Star by HarvestMoonByHand

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Amazing Lace, a Vintage Find

Like a lot of vintage collectors/sellers sometimes your best finds are accidental. Occasionally I browse Craigs List, more often than not there isn't anything there but this past weekend I answered an ad for a lady trying to sell some vintage tea towels and potholders. She agreed to meet me and when she showed up I was a little disappointed. The tea towels and some of the pot holders although lovely, were stained. She had them in a hospital bag, you know the plastic kind you are given when you check in for your belongings. Seeing the look on my face she said that there was an additional bag of half finished doilies that I could have with it. She looked like she could use the money and I really didn't want to disappoint her, so I agreed to buy the lot.

I threw the bag in the back and didn't think another thing about it until later that night. I sorted the tea towels and got to the bottom of the bag, the half finished doilies were actually a collection of hand tatted lace trims, some over a yard long. There was a bakelite spindle, and vintage instructions on making it. I was amazed. Such beautiful work, and the grandaughter hadn't even known what it was. The lady who had made these trims had obviously loved doing it and had been very skilled. Somehow our paths had crossed so that her hard work could now be appreciated! You can see several listings of her work in my vintage shop Retrochique.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January (November) Book Giveaway Winner!

We all know I've had a bit of time management issues lately! Well, the book giveaway is done, and the Winner is Donnielle of Design Knit Fun! She gets her choice of the books in my Amazon Carrousel! Thanks for everyone who entered, and tweeted.

That brings me to a big thank you. Friends come in many different kinds, especially now with communication being so easy, worldwide and constant. My life is more back to normal now, so I wanted to thank everyone who reached out during the holidays to me. My "in person" friends and also my internet and UWIB friends. The offers were so kind, to contact my customers for me etc. and the encouragement was great. I hope I can be there for you all as well when needed. Again, Thanks!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

YAY! It's 2010........

I have pretty much been missing in action and have super neglected my blog (Thanksgiving background anyone?), and since right before Christmas my shops. For those of you who follow my blog you may know that my son was mugged in October, a dear mentor and relative of mine passed away in November and on top of that not mentioned here we had a family pet die then too. The stress was just a lot to deal with when to top it off we had a fire in our home. It was in the garage and thankfully didn't spread to the house or injure any of us. The neighbors saw it, alerted us and helped tremendously. But we were displaced for a time, smoke and soot damage is throughout our home and we are unable to be there. I have been unable to do any etsy or blog housekeeping since I only have my phone. But, today for the first time I'm able to sit in my studio/office and reconnect, and it feels great.

So now on to 2010, as promised I will give away that book, Winner will be notified tomorrow via e-mail and announced here. Anyone who is reading this and has/had an outstanding order, I'm trying to reconcile DestinationHandmade today and tomorrow. My studio was pretty much a no go until today so I'm not even sure where I stand, but rest assured no one will be shorted either a refund or merchandise.

So Here's to 2010 and a great year, thank you to everyone who helped make 2009 a great year in many ways for me and blessings for the future, Jamie.