Saturday, January 30, 2010

Will Spring Spring Already?

All this unseasonably cool weather for Houston has really got me down, I love warm weather and once I get cold I just can't seem to get warm again. So I'm trying to think warm thoughts and picture spring. Here are a few selections of fresh spring merchandise for a little retail therapy......
So much for spring time dreams, off to go cozy up in my multiple layers of pj's, blankets and comforters......

Merchandise pictured top to bottom
Love in BLoom by Beegrl88
Welcome Spring by KristenSteinFineArt
Bobbies by DirtRoadSouth
Light Green Window Star by HarvestMoonByHand

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Amazing Lace, a Vintage Find

Like a lot of vintage collectors/sellers sometimes your best finds are accidental. Occasionally I browse Craigs List, more often than not there isn't anything there but this past weekend I answered an ad for a lady trying to sell some vintage tea towels and potholders. She agreed to meet me and when she showed up I was a little disappointed. The tea towels and some of the pot holders although lovely, were stained. She had them in a hospital bag, you know the plastic kind you are given when you check in for your belongings. Seeing the look on my face she said that there was an additional bag of half finished doilies that I could have with it. She looked like she could use the money and I really didn't want to disappoint her, so I agreed to buy the lot.

I threw the bag in the back and didn't think another thing about it until later that night. I sorted the tea towels and got to the bottom of the bag, the half finished doilies were actually a collection of hand tatted lace trims, some over a yard long. There was a bakelite spindle, and vintage instructions on making it. I was amazed. Such beautiful work, and the grandaughter hadn't even known what it was. The lady who had made these trims had obviously loved doing it and had been very skilled. Somehow our paths had crossed so that her hard work could now be appreciated! You can see several listings of her work in my vintage shop Retrochique.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January (November) Book Giveaway Winner!

We all know I've had a bit of time management issues lately! Well, the book giveaway is done, and the Winner is Donnielle of Design Knit Fun! She gets her choice of the books in my Amazon Carrousel! Thanks for everyone who entered, and tweeted.

That brings me to a big thank you. Friends come in many different kinds, especially now with communication being so easy, worldwide and constant. My life is more back to normal now, so I wanted to thank everyone who reached out during the holidays to me. My "in person" friends and also my internet and UWIB friends. The offers were so kind, to contact my customers for me etc. and the encouragement was great. I hope I can be there for you all as well when needed. Again, Thanks!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

YAY! It's 2010........

I have pretty much been missing in action and have super neglected my blog (Thanksgiving background anyone?), and since right before Christmas my shops. For those of you who follow my blog you may know that my son was mugged in October, a dear mentor and relative of mine passed away in November and on top of that not mentioned here we had a family pet die then too. The stress was just a lot to deal with when to top it off we had a fire in our home. It was in the garage and thankfully didn't spread to the house or injure any of us. The neighbors saw it, alerted us and helped tremendously. But we were displaced for a time, smoke and soot damage is throughout our home and we are unable to be there. I have been unable to do any etsy or blog housekeeping since I only have my phone. But, today for the first time I'm able to sit in my studio/office and reconnect, and it feels great.

So now on to 2010, as promised I will give away that book, Winner will be notified tomorrow via e-mail and announced here. Anyone who is reading this and has/had an outstanding order, I'm trying to reconcile DestinationHandmade today and tomorrow. My studio was pretty much a no go until today so I'm not even sure where I stand, but rest assured no one will be shorted either a refund or merchandise.

So Here's to 2010 and a great year, thank you to everyone who helped make 2009 a great year in many ways for me and blessings for the future, Jamie.