Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Movie Review! Slum Dog Millionaire

Okay, I saw this movie a while back and loved it. It uses a gameshow as a great vehicle to tell this boy's story of growing up in the slums of Mombai. It tells us about his devotion to a girl from the very beginning to finally ending up with her against all odds. It is the ultimate feel good kind of movie, boy meets girl, loses girl, gets girl in the end and in the process as a by product gets rich too!

The acting is great, the setting a bit exotic for an American audience and the vehicle "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" just familiar enough to make your comfortable with the way the story moves along.

I assume it will be re-released with it's win last night, so go see it. It is rated R so and has a couple of disturbing scenes, but, all in all a great show!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How to Make a 125 by 125 Button Ad

With ads in blogs and project wonderful becoming so popular it’s important to have one of those square clickable ads that you can insert. Project Wonderful makes it easy, you just need the art, they put the link with it. But what if you want to put an ad on your own or a friend’s blog?

I figured that this couldn’t be too hard and instead of paying for it I thought surely I could find out how to do it if I spent enough time.

After googleing several different times and reading several different posts and “free” websites that I came across I did indeed find two posts that when combined made sense of what to do. Since I didn’t know the first thing about it I will explain it from the very basics.

You need an image you like for the ad. I used a product picture that I took. I inserted text for my store name and cropped and resized it to 125 square. I use Irfanview, a free software available on the internet, for this but there are lots of other softwares that do the same thing. There are two parts of the ad process.

1. You need to park this image on the internet somewhere that is always “on” - a host for the image. I used photobucket, you could also use flickr or a similar service. You need to make sure that they give html code for the image when you save it. In photobucket it is the third of the four lines they give you underneath the image in your album.

2. You need to write a string of code that includes this HTML for the photo and the url of the site you want to go to if you click on the picture.

This string of code is what you insert in the HTML add a gadget field on blogger or other blogging sites.
The string will look something like this:

Replace the caps with your information. This is what mine looks like for the retrochique button

LOCATION OF THE IMAGE FILE….is the HTML line from photobucket.

The first time I did it I copied and pasted in word until I thought I had it right and then copied and pasted the code into my blog. I was really happy when it worked!

Please leave a comment if you found this helpful. I will post about how to animate your gif button (make it flash different images) next week.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Movie Review - He's Just NOT That Into You

Okay, last weekend it was my husband's pick, this weekend in honor of Valentine's I got to pick the movie. I chose He's Just NOT That Into You a movie I had wanted to see. I read a lot of chick lit, but, this movie I had not read the book for so I was very curious. I love the lineup of stars, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Connelly, Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johanssen, some of my favorite female stars and Ginnifer Goodwin, someone I don't know much about is in the film also.
On the guys side, whew, Ben Affleck, Justin Long (apple commercials and Accepted; a highly recommended DVD, but that is another review), Bradley Cooper (don't know what he was in but what great eyes) Kevin Connolly (Entourage).

The movie switches back and forth between the different stars and their different situations in their entangled little world. That makes it a little choppy. Some of the dialog is great, if you've seen the trailers you get the gist of it and there is more in the movie, it isn't just the best parts in the commercial. Most of the situations at heart are very serious, facing up to the committment of marriage, facing up to falling for someone, facing up to not being loved back. Not all of the vignettes end in a traditional happily ever after either. For my husband and I who are both over 40 it really contrasts the difference in the dating world today and when we were in college.

Bottom line, as a lover of chick lit, I really liked it. My husband didn't like it as much but the ever curvaceous Scarlett Johanssen (I give her a 10 on the jiggle factor) should help any guys enjoyment of the movie.

Have a great week!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

some valentines quotes and cute kittens....

A few valentine's quotes for a chuckle.....

I just love to do special things for my wife on Valentine's day. Like open the door for her when she puts all the laundry in the washing machine, or plug and unplug the vacuum as she moves from room to room cleaning. Guys, it's these little thoughtful things you can do to have a marriage such as mine.

I don't understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine's Day. When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon.

Sales ad at a store: ‘You are my one and only’ Valentine's cards, now on sale: 4 for $5.”

" Love is the thing that enables a woman to sing while she mops up the floor after her husband has walked across it in his barn boots."

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Monday Movie Review More Oscar Movies

Okay so I wanted to see He's just not that into You but instead my husband won out and we saw the Wrestler. Okay I was never that much of a Mickey Rourke or Marisa Tomei fan, but they both gave fantastic performances and she looks pretty awesome (she is naked for 1/2 of the movie). The whole problem is that I go to the movies to a. escape b. be entertained or c. be made to think. This movie really didn't do any of those, it isn't uplifting and certainly isn't anywhere I want to escape to. My husband really liked it, but I think he liked the underdog aspect of it more so than the actually story and the fact that Mickey Rourke has gotten such great feedback from it. So bottom line, unless you are into seeing "performances" pass it up.

We also saw Revolutionary Road. Another not too uplifting film, but it did make you think and featured two other great performances by Leo diCaprio and Kate Winslet. If you are into vintage, awesome stage sets, wardrobe etc. it is worth the price alone. I did make me think about re-inventing ourselves and how we have to do that throughout much of our lives. Kate's character was "stuck" looking for that feeling she had when she was first married instead of building upon and growing into her life. It ends tragically but not unpredictably. Bottom line here, good performances, if you are going to see Oscar films this is should be higher on this list than The Wrestler.

Just my opinion, I'm not a professional movie reviewer! Have a great week!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sopapilla Cheesecake As Promised!

Had this as our desert on Super Bowl Sunday, really yummy....

cream cheese (3 pkgs)
1 C sugar
1 tsp vanilla
2 cans crescent roll dough
1 stick butter
sugar cinnamon (1/2 C sugar 1 tsp cinnamon)

Step1 Preheat oven to 350 degrees and lightly grease a 9x13 in. baking dish (although I used two round pie pans....)

Step2 In a large bowl, mix together all 3 packages of cream cheese, 1 cup sugar, & 1 tsp. vanilla.Set aside--this is the filling.

Step3 Roll out 1 can of the crescent roll dough as a sheet into the bottom of your 9x13 in greased baking dish. Press together any gaps so that dough does not come apart at the seams.

Step4 Spread filling out evenly on top of the bottom layer of dough.

Step5 Roll out 2nd can of crescent roll dough as a sheet and carefully lay on top of the filling. Again, press together any gaps at the seams so that the filling does not ooze out.

Step6 Pour 1 stick of melted butter over the top. Spread with pastry brush if you wish.

Step7 Mix 1/2 cup sugar and 1 tsp. cinnamon together with fork. Sprinkle this mixture evenly across the top.

Step8Bake in 350 degree oven for 30 minutes

UPDATE - I'm starting to stock my new etsy store , take a peek let me know what you think, thanks!

Monday, February 2, 2009

monday movie review the Reader, Defiance

okay, I know when do any of us have time to go to the movies? But it's really a great way to escape the everyday even if only for a couple of hours. My husband and I try to go at least every couple of weeks and we see even more from Netflix so I thought it was a natural feature for the blog!

This week's is The Reader. Oscar nominated for best pic, best actress, best screenplay etc. it has been a critical success, but is it worth a little over two hours of your time?

It is about the relationship of an teenage boy with a 40 something woman in post WW2 Germany. The relationship itself is shocking in that she carries it on with little regard for the boys feelings, and Kate Winslet certainly has no inhibitions about being naked. She leaves suddenly only to resurface in his life years later during a war crimes trial. The bulk of the film revolves around how the two of them deal with their various secrets and how they are detrimental to the two of them.

Is it well done? Yes
Is it that feel good movie to escape with? NO
Is it interesting and does it make you think? Yes

Overall if you are looking for a fun afternoon diversion pass it up........Try Defiance, another WW2 film. Daniel Craig is yummy to look at and it does have the feel good ending.