Sunday, February 8, 2009

Monday Movie Review More Oscar Movies

Okay so I wanted to see He's just not that into You but instead my husband won out and we saw the Wrestler. Okay I was never that much of a Mickey Rourke or Marisa Tomei fan, but they both gave fantastic performances and she looks pretty awesome (she is naked for 1/2 of the movie). The whole problem is that I go to the movies to a. escape b. be entertained or c. be made to think. This movie really didn't do any of those, it isn't uplifting and certainly isn't anywhere I want to escape to. My husband really liked it, but I think he liked the underdog aspect of it more so than the actually story and the fact that Mickey Rourke has gotten such great feedback from it. So bottom line, unless you are into seeing "performances" pass it up.

We also saw Revolutionary Road. Another not too uplifting film, but it did make you think and featured two other great performances by Leo diCaprio and Kate Winslet. If you are into vintage, awesome stage sets, wardrobe etc. it is worth the price alone. I did make me think about re-inventing ourselves and how we have to do that throughout much of our lives. Kate's character was "stuck" looking for that feeling she had when she was first married instead of building upon and growing into her life. It ends tragically but not unpredictably. Bottom line here, good performances, if you are going to see Oscar films this is should be higher on this list than The Wrestler.

Just my opinion, I'm not a professional movie reviewer! Have a great week!

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