Monday, February 2, 2009

monday movie review the Reader, Defiance

okay, I know when do any of us have time to go to the movies? But it's really a great way to escape the everyday even if only for a couple of hours. My husband and I try to go at least every couple of weeks and we see even more from Netflix so I thought it was a natural feature for the blog!

This week's is The Reader. Oscar nominated for best pic, best actress, best screenplay etc. it has been a critical success, but is it worth a little over two hours of your time?

It is about the relationship of an teenage boy with a 40 something woman in post WW2 Germany. The relationship itself is shocking in that she carries it on with little regard for the boys feelings, and Kate Winslet certainly has no inhibitions about being naked. She leaves suddenly only to resurface in his life years later during a war crimes trial. The bulk of the film revolves around how the two of them deal with their various secrets and how they are detrimental to the two of them.

Is it well done? Yes
Is it that feel good movie to escape with? NO
Is it interesting and does it make you think? Yes

Overall if you are looking for a fun afternoon diversion pass it up........Try Defiance, another WW2 film. Daniel Craig is yummy to look at and it does have the feel good ending.



  1. Thanks for the review - Always looking for recomendations!

  2. Looking forward to your Monday movie reviews! We don't go to the theater often but do rent a few movies every week.