Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Movie Review - Shutter Island

As I'm sitting here puzzling over my insurance claim I have decided to take a break and write a Monday Movie Review.

We saw Shutter Island over the weekend and had the pleasure of it being one of those movies that isn't quite what it appears at first glance. I was expecting a scary thriller, but what I got was more of a psychological mystery, and well there were a couple of scary bits. Set in the 1950's the location is very interesting, clothing and sets very fun to look at. I can't tell too much or I may give away the plot line, but on the surface it is about the disappearance of a patient/prisoner in a high security prison for the mentally disturbed. Like The Others, and Sixth Sense there is quite a little twist (not ghostly though) about who is whom that doesn't come out until very near the end, and well if you miss the last line of the movie, you miss what made it satisfying to me. It is one of those movies though that not everyone will get, you do have to think and well a lot of people I heard go "now what happened?" (including my husband).

Anyway if you like mystery suspense type movies or are a particular fan of Leonardo de Caprio, go see it, I highly recommend it, but don't miss the last line!
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