Tuesday, January 5, 2010

YAY! It's 2010........

I have pretty much been missing in action and have super neglected my blog (Thanksgiving background anyone?), and since right before Christmas my shops. For those of you who follow my blog you may know that my son was mugged in October, a dear mentor and relative of mine passed away in November and on top of that not mentioned here we had a family pet die then too. The stress was just a lot to deal with when to top it off we had a fire in our home. It was in the garage and thankfully didn't spread to the house or injure any of us. The neighbors saw it, alerted us and helped tremendously. But we were displaced for a time, smoke and soot damage is throughout our home and we are unable to be there. I have been unable to do any etsy or blog housekeeping since I only have my phone. But, today for the first time I'm able to sit in my studio/office and reconnect, and it feels great.

So now on to 2010, as promised I will give away that book, Winner will be notified tomorrow via e-mail and announced here. Anyone who is reading this and has/had an outstanding order, I'm trying to reconcile DestinationHandmade today and tomorrow. My studio was pretty much a no go until today so I'm not even sure where I stand, but rest assured no one will be shorted either a refund or merchandise.

So Here's to 2010 and a great year, thank you to everyone who helped make 2009 a great year in many ways for me and blessings for the future, Jamie.


  1. So sorry this happened to you and your family Jamie. I'm sure you are looking forward to a fresh start in 2010. I'm so glad that your family is ok. Take a deep breath, you can only do what you can do....people will understand.

  2. Oh Jamie!!! What a few weeks you've had. I'm so sorry to hear about your son, your relative, your pet and the fire. So much to deal with in such a short amount of time. I do hope that 2010 brings much more happiness your way. Will be thinking of you all. -kristen

  3. Jamie,

    Our hearts were saddened about the fire, but thank heavens that all is well and before you know all things will be fine. May the New Year bring love and happiness to your home and hearts. I am certain that your customers will understand, as you are one of the most honorable ladies I know. Blessings,

    Phillips Family

  4. Oh Jamie--I didn't realize that the fire was just the "icing on the catastophy cake". You have had a tough few months--which probably feels like a lifetime. I'm so sorry for all of your losses! I hope 2010 brings happy days and many smiles your way. I'll be thinking of you!

  5. Jamie, life certainly has not been kind to you lately. We are all thinking of you and hoping and praying that things turn around. May 2010 bring you many blessings and much goodness. Hang in there... rita w from uwib

  6. oh, Jamie.... I cant believe all of this happend. I was wondering where you are and how everything is going... I just want to give you a huge hug... You will be in my prayers, I am also posting now on the Russian site a request for ppl to pray for you... I know how strong you are and i wishing you enormous happiness this year.

    Hugs and kisses,

  7. Wow, you have been through so much! We have missed you and it is great to have you back! Good luck getting everything going again and know that you need to take it one day at a time. Stay strong!!

  8. Whew! Quite a streak of misfortune you and your family has had.
    Here's hoping for a fresh start and much better luck with the New Year. You all deserve a good one. :)