Saturday, January 30, 2010

Will Spring Spring Already?

All this unseasonably cool weather for Houston has really got me down, I love warm weather and once I get cold I just can't seem to get warm again. So I'm trying to think warm thoughts and picture spring. Here are a few selections of fresh spring merchandise for a little retail therapy......
So much for spring time dreams, off to go cozy up in my multiple layers of pj's, blankets and comforters......

Merchandise pictured top to bottom
Love in BLoom by Beegrl88
Welcome Spring by KristenSteinFineArt
Bobbies by DirtRoadSouth
Light Green Window Star by HarvestMoonByHand


  1. I didn't know you were a Texas girl too :-) The weather has been dreadful but I'm just thankful we don't have snow. Lovely picks in some great Spring colors!

  2. Love the Spring theme! Gorgeous-ness. :)

  3. Great selection. Unfortunately up here in the Northeast we are far from spring like weather but you're right-it does feel good to see some warm spring goodies.

  4. Spring can't come soon enough here either! The temperatures just crawled out from the below zero range. It feels almost "spring like" with temperatures in the 1-10 degree range. Am looking forward to the pretty spring flowers and buds on the trees that will be here in (hopefully) 6 weeks!

  5. oh, such a tease, Jamie! I cant wait for a spring:) Mognolia blossoms and dandelions:)