Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Amazing Lace, a Vintage Find

Like a lot of vintage collectors/sellers sometimes your best finds are accidental. Occasionally I browse Craigs List, more often than not there isn't anything there but this past weekend I answered an ad for a lady trying to sell some vintage tea towels and potholders. She agreed to meet me and when she showed up I was a little disappointed. The tea towels and some of the pot holders although lovely, were stained. She had them in a hospital bag, you know the plastic kind you are given when you check in for your belongings. Seeing the look on my face she said that there was an additional bag of half finished doilies that I could have with it. She looked like she could use the money and I really didn't want to disappoint her, so I agreed to buy the lot.

I threw the bag in the back and didn't think another thing about it until later that night. I sorted the tea towels and got to the bottom of the bag, the half finished doilies were actually a collection of hand tatted lace trims, some over a yard long. There was a bakelite spindle, and vintage instructions on making it. I was amazed. Such beautiful work, and the grandaughter hadn't even known what it was. The lady who had made these trims had obviously loved doing it and had been very skilled. Somehow our paths had crossed so that her hard work could now be appreciated! You can see several listings of her work in my vintage shop Retrochique.

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