Monday, April 26, 2010

Dear Diary, What Kind of Weekend Was This?

Well guys, my weekend was good and bad, on a personal note, Friday night we were on our way to Dallas in the rain when a speeding car sideswiped us. As we were going down the freeway on two wheels all I could say was "HOLD ON!" Once again we were super lucky, minimal damage to our car (the other was totalled) kids were fine, dog fine, us fine. Other driver? no insurance, something fishy going on with the car, Avis shows it was never rented.... Drivers info address, phone number etc looks to be bogus...

Sales, only the 2 I got Friday. Up 500 views in my shop from Friday with multiple new Hearts. So I'm wondering how your weekend was?

On a very interesting note I got a tweet from Oktak that there is a new etsy hack app that you can use to remove your expired listings... for someone who has a couple of years worth of those that is exciting! I'm installing it later today but Oktak assures me it works, I'll let you know my results, here is the link.

So until tomorrow gotta go, (have car issues to work out!) Leave me a comment on how your weekend was sales or otherwise, I'd love to hear! Jamie

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  1. Yikes!!!! Sounds like something out of a movie! Glad you all are ok tho :) Hope the insurance thing works out for you...

    Seems like your shop has more traffic than mine does ;) That's excellent!

    My weekend was a BUSY one but fun. Friday I helped my mom prep for my baby shower (very late, baby is now 2 months old heh) and then helped a friend move that night for several hours. Saturday was my baby shower then out to a dinner date with hubby. Sunday was a quiet day at home with the family so that gave me time to catch up on emails and orders! Still lots to catch up on ;)

    I really enjoy reading your blog posts so keep it up!

    Genevieve :)