Monday, April 19, 2010

STATS - A Starting Point......

Okay, Where to start my Diary? Well since my aim is to grow my shop how about my current stats.

My shop started selling vintage in February of 2009, before that I sold handmade so here it is since vintage...

Sales since 2/2009       346
Sales Per Month            23
Shop Hearts                447
Items for sale             178
Shop Views            23,305
Avg Views/Item           131

These are fairly simple stats, I didn't dig down into item hearts, or any of the google analytics data, but the numbers I chose are what we would have called topline stats a few years ago and I think they should be a good measure of my overall success in getting more sales. 

These simple topline stats are easily available in your shop and by using . If you are new to the etsy game you will be sure to want to check it out. 

On the agenda for today? 
  •  Shipping - I have two weekend sales to ship
  • Listing - I have several items to photograph and list  (affecting views and sales hopefully)
  • I always, answer e-mails, tweet, check on other promotional efforts (more to come there!)
So Until Tomorrow! J.

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