Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 3, Project Wonderful

Okay daily stats really quick, No Sales Yesterday. 1 new listing, 198 new views, 1 new shop heart, multiple item hearts.

Yesterday I talked about passive and active marketing. I focused on active marketing like twitter and facebook. From the comments I got it looks like everyone really likes this social media and it really adds pleasure to their day as well as lets everyone know what they do. Tracy with PolishedTwo uses it as her only real marketing tool with great success.

Passive marketing is placing ads. There are two ways to do this, directly with the host site and through a broker. Project Wonderful is just that, an advertising space broker. You can submit your site earn money by getting ads placed on it and you can also bid on ad space to place your own ads. The ads come in different sizes, although I get the feeling the square is the most popular. You can see an ad just to the upper left of this blog. What do I like about having ads on my blog?
  • it can add variety to your blogpage
  • it can bring more people to your blog (they have to look at the blog to decide to advertise there)
  • it earns you a few cents
Now that I've earned a few cents I usually feel like I need to spread those pennies around by placing ads of my own. My ad is pretty simple and they are really easy to set up. You search for available ad space by using key words. I search by using the term vintage and by using the term etsy. You can then visit the blogs, see stats on them like views and make decisions on bids. Most space is available for .40 cents or less, but blogs with huge traffic can be several dollars. Here's the question, do they bring any more views to your shop?

I placed 21 bids over the last week, ranging from a penny to 40 cents. I have won with all of them at different times. It resulted in 13, I said 13 total expenditure over the last week was about $3.50. So while I love the concept of Project Wonderful and I will continue to use it, (gotta do something with the pennies I earn on this blog) I don't expect much in terms of sales results. Maybe I'm using it wrong. If you have different ideas about Project Wonderful let me know in the comments, or what is your favorite way or place to put an ad.....
Until tomorrow, Jamie.


  1. Hi Jamie
    UWIB sister here. Interesting article. I looked at Project wonderful some time ago and had forgotten about it. Thanks for sharing your experiences with it.

    Best wishes,

  2. I like your blog! Was following 'setting goal' forum and caught your link. You have good information your sharing, thank you!