Saturday, February 20, 2010

Obsessed with Envelopes

I've always admired people who craft with paper. It's so precise, dealing with color and shape...Well and there is something magical about an envelope, the mystery of what may or may not be inside, like a gift waiting to be opened. I've become a bit obsessed with them, and there are so many great envelope crafters on etsy. Above are two of my faves, bottom DawnCorrespondence, and top Adnagam. Click on the pics to go to their shops.

I went off in search of my own way to create envelopes. I googled etc. and came up with a great little origami pattern for envelopes. I tried some different sizes and papers, upcycled children's primer pages etc. Here are my results to the left. Want to make some yourself? Here is the link, Origami, I had to play with it before I got the hang of it but, it was pretty fun and now I have something to use for order thank yous! Have fun, have a great week, Jamie.


  1. Your envelopes you made are so cute!! They turned out great! I LOVE making envelopes, so thank you so much for including mine here!!

  2. Great post. I checked out Origami and printed out directions. Of course if I have trouble, DawnCorrespondence does have fabulous envelopes...