Saturday, February 27, 2010

Where Did All the Manners Go?

Just a bone to pick.....Went to Kroger this morning, like I usually do on Saturday morning, pick up a paper, maybe a couple of breakfasty type things. I really don't feel the need to get dressed up for this event. I'm usually in my pajamas, glasses on (I am optically challenged). This morning I only needed a newspaper and after checking at the convenience store (where the clerk would have happily allowed me to purchase Thursday's 2 day old paper) I went into Kroger and to the Starbucks stand. You can quickly purchase a paper there without standing in any lines and the paper stand is right next to it. I grabbed my paper and went to the register to pay the barrista. A gentleman old enough to behave better said the following "HEY, I haven't paid yet".

Well, there was no line, I had only a paper and he had multiple skinny, no foam, extra shot whatevers... I really didn't have a problem waiting for him to check out, I had a problem with the way he did it. I know his momma raised him better! Maybe he was just in a hurry, so today I will make sure that I take extra time to be polite, and point out to the kids the opportunities to do so too. Above are a couple of etsy items that fit my politeness theme I think, Click on the pictures to go to HarvestMoonByHands etsy shop and BeanForests shop (coincidentally great prices on these items too). Have a great Day!

1 comment:

  1. LOL... grumpy old man didn't have his coffee yet.

    Maybe you should wear sexier pajamas when you go out to get the paper... woulda made his day. ;)