Thursday, July 23, 2009

When We Played Little League........

......or any other sport when we were kids it was different.

There were no year round sports, you played whatever was in season.

There were no select teams. (you tried out and got on a team according to your ability to play, not pay).

"Intense" parents limited their participation to the stands.

It cost $30 or so to register for a team and maybe you had to buy a shirt or uniform. Not hundreds of dollars for home, away, and practice uniforms, plus travel bags, etc

Pressure was limited to that which your teammates might put on you.

Coaches were unpaid volunteers.

Some of you know my kids play competitive tennis. When they were about 8 years old we had them choose a sport to concentrate on and play since their friends were all starting to play on year round select teams in soccer and baseball. Both the time commitment and money made it impossible to play more than one sport. While tennis has been a blessing for them (I would never change that) and helped tremendously with their self confidence and taught them important lessons on perserverence, staying positive and self control; it is a comment on how sports has evolved that kids can't just go Play casually anymore. Or maybe it is just a comment on a mom reminiscing, after all my kids don't know any other environment than what they have grown up in !

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  1. Hi Jamie,

    A good observation. As a three sport athlete growing up, I agree. If you care to discuss. What do you think some of the factors are that have contributed to the change?

    Coach Pickles
    Jelly Bean Sports, Inc.

  2. My son has played little league baseball for 8 years in 2 different states. It's been great for him, especially this year. It's less intensely competitive here and he was able to really be an active part of the team. It's much more old school here than where we used to live. :)

  3. What a great post!! I always enjoyed the teams that weren't so competitive when I was younger.