Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Old Bag Vintage Featured Etsy Shop

Last week a fellow etsy seller featured an item of mine in a mosaic she posted on her blog . Well, that item sold as did a lot of others. It was such a blessing and blast of positive energy I wanted to return the favor by giving her shop some exposure. Here she is in her own words...

"I love yard sales, consignment shops and thrift stores. There's nothing like being able to handle the items and examine them carefully. And if you can get a great deal - that's the icing on the cake! "

She has some wonderful pieces and seems to be on the track of building a great store, but as anyone who deals in these treasures it starts with a true love of vintage and how it contributes to our lives. Again in her own words!
"There are so many benefits to buying vintage items. They're great for the environment, unique and have a history. I've always loved collecting vintage bags and clutches."
Hence the name, Old Bag Vintage. Visit her shop for some great jewelry and other unique vintage items. .


  1. great post, jamie! love the shop and love the name too!

  2. Thanks for the lovely feature, Jamie!