Thursday, July 16, 2009

When I Went to College.....

When I went to college…….

If I needed to talk to my dad during the drive back to school I had to stop at a gas station and use a quarter in the pay phone.

If I got lost I stopped and asked for directions or asked the navigator in the passenger seat to look at the paper map.

Class registration meant standing in long lines in an auditorium, not waiting up until midnight to be first at online registration.

Eating at McDonalds meant actually having to have cash, not a piece of plastic.

Listening my favorite song in the car meant shoving a piece of plastic and magnetic tape into the hole in the dash and hoping that it didn’t get eaten.

Getting new “friends” didn’t involve facebook or twitter.

Turning in a term paper meant typing it on a typewriter and going to class and physically turning it in, not uploading from my laptop to a website.

Do you have a college difference? Leave it as a comment! Thanks.


  1. Whoa. A blast from the past. I recently took my dd to meeting with college advisor. She registered dd for fall classes online, in a few minutes. At that point my dinosaurness was confirmed. Color me amazed.

  2. oh that's funny;)!

    When I went to college no one had cell phones.
    We didn't have internet either and very few people had a computer. We thought that those with word processors were soooooo cool!

  3. I guess I was in the middle of the shift. I started college standing in line to sign up for classes and ended with registering online.

    I still forget that McDonalds or any fast food place takes plastic. Guess that shows how often I buy fast food ;)

  4. When I went away to college I recall bringing my parents' cast-offs for the dorm. Now kids go to Target or Ikea to furnish and decorate their entire living quarters with new stuff.

  5. When I went to college drinking Age was 18.
    Computers were only in labs where they had cooling equipment.

    I had to type my papers on a typeritter.

  6. wow - I can say different expereinces at all different colleges have attended as a nearly professional student. Oddly went to community college in 1993 and most tech savvy - online everything - and have had full range of experiences - last week had to hand register with the dean for a few classes - and can record lectures with laptops and ipods instead f those annoying microtape things.

  7. oh you are so right, so much has changed. when I was in college a cell phone was called a mobile phone and it was about as big as a lap top, LOL