Wednesday, May 13, 2015

While I'm not working on orders.....

While I'm not sewing, doing things for my kids or husband my passion is reading. The kindle/ipad was invented by some evil person who wanted to eat up all my spare time. I've been an avid reader since I was a kid, remember the contests over the summer at the local libraries to see who could read the most? I was always in the running for winning. The kindle app for my ipad and iphone just made books so much more accessible. I can read anywhere without having to remember to bring a real book, With the click of a button I can have the sequel to what I've just finished and it's at a fraction of the cost usually of what it would be at a book store. I still love the feel of a real paper book in my hand but the kindle app and more specifically romance e-books are my crack. So I will occasionally write about a book or a writer that I love.

Penny Reid is a recent discovery. She has a lot of things that appeal to me and evidently to a lot of other readers. I have read literally everything she has out at the moment. Why does she appeal to me? Because I was and still am an insecure dork. Her heroines like hiding in closets. They are smart, neurotic, they use word games to help calm themselves. They are crafty even if they can't craft. In the end they always find love with someone who fiercely and actively tries to understand and protect them.

She is also funny and smart.

I wholeheartedly recommend any of her books but I would start with Neanderthal Seeks Human, which is free right now. No risk, if you don't like her writing style, you have invested nothing but your time.

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