Monday, May 4, 2015

It's Been A While!

I used to make posts fairly often. Then I stopped. I didn't realize it but the last time I made a post it was 2010. I couldn't believe it. 
It isn't that I'm not on the internet, I am. I just haven't made it a priority I guess. 
Then I discovered Instagram. I love it. I am hooked. Looking at the images on Instagram led me to some blogs and projects I just love too. I started new projects and with it came the desire to write about them and post about them. That led me to wonder what the best platform was now to blog on so I did some research.
I considered Tumblr. That seemed to be the thing that a lot of people are using, but honestly it seems like a cross between Instagram and Twitter. It isn't really set up for tutorials, or other things I typically post about. It seems like it's set up for images with captions mostly. But other than a couple of other newer ones, like Medium and Weebly it seems like wordpress and blogger are still the most popular free blog platforms. So, let's not reinvent the wheel, I'm back and blogging on this site, I hope I can do better than before!   

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