Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ancient Rome, Scottish Highlands, Italian Travel, Mad Max and a Giveaway

In my previous post I revealed a little about what I do in my free time. Well allow me to indulge myself a little more. I also love action movies. this weekend we saw Mad Max, Fury Road. I am of the age that I saw the original Mad Max. Mel Gibson did mad really well. His eyes just have that crazy look. Although Tom Hardy's face is obscured for some of the movie he does crazy pretty well too. Charlize Theron does tough and sexy but the real star of the show I think is the visual. The effects are amazing and the action over the top. It's a classic chase movie with really awesome pyrotechnics. Overall, I say go see it in the theater, with your guy.

Enough about a post apocalyptic, dystopian society, how about an ancient Roman poet quoted by a Scottish Highlander? Like many women (and men) I've read all the Outlander series and anxiously await more. I love the way that Diana Gabaldon weaves history with fiction. One of my favorite quotes is in the Drums of Autumn book, it is an excerpt from a poem written by an ancient Roman poet, Catallus. "Da mi basia mille....Dein mille altera" Give me a thousand kisses....then a thousand more. Jamie says the first part and Claire the second. I loved it so much I put it on a passport cover. The cover itself is red cotton, I trimmed it in black passementerie. The rest of the quote is on the back.  I've paired it in the picture with some Italian themed luggage tags. I think though they aren't matched, it makes quite a nice set for romantic travel whether you are an Outlander fan or not. Click here to see more details on the cover. 

If you are a serious reader, read the books. If not, watch the series. Sam and Catriona are well worth it. I won't say any more, there are whole blogs devoted to all things Outlander, but, I am giving away the travel set pictured. Comment  below for an entry. I am drawing Tuesday morning after the long weekend. You can also follow me on instagram for an entry. Thanks in advance for entering. 


  1. I didn't have announced opportunity to post before, but I'm already following you on Instagram. Good luck and hope all is well!

    1. Thanks Brenda, looks like my blog is a little lonely! Send me your addy via email and I'll send you the swag. Best, Jamie.