Friday, September 18, 2009

Out of Character, Rant and a Call to Be Careful!

Usually I stay away from political, sensitive subjects, I'm never really tooooo opinionated about anything in my blog but the movies!

This week though my son had a rude awakening. He is 19 and if you have read some of my other entries got his first apartment off campus this year. Like a lot of students, he is somewhat nocturnal, getting a lot of work done in the evening and at night. He was leaving his studio space at school Monday night when he saw three people hanging out near the building. They were not students. About that time a girl student came out of the building and started to walk home as well. He decided to walk with her and that together they should be okay.

It is only a block to his apartment, near there the girl split off from him to go to her own apartment. He went into his parking lot and the three guys that he had lost track of during the short walk came up to him with a gun and asked for whatever he had. He immediately gave them his backpack and wallet and they left.

We were so thankful he was not harmed. Warn your kids, loved ones etc to be careful, in this economy people are doing desperate things.

I asked that the guys who got him be led down a different path. That same effort put into a positive goal eventually would lead to positive results. Raise your children in a positive environment, give them daily doses of uplifting words and actions. Make them the change and yourself the instrument that makes it happen, no government can do it for you.


  1. It is so unfortunate that an event like this one had to occur, and though I'm sure it shook everyone up I am so happy that nothing happened to your son!! I agree with you 100%. Though as an adult one may do stupid or bad things and obviously make their own choices, no matter what, it all begins in the home, with the family or single parent! The importance of teaching respect, that you are where you are because of your own bad or good decisions, to be your own man or woman and to not be a piece of sh*t in society is incredibly important.

    Again, I am glad that all is well. =)

  2. Gee, that is really scary! Glad he's OK.

  3. Thank God he is okay. I work in New York City where you are always on the look out. You are never really prepared for something like that. It was good he did not put up a struggle and they left him alone.

  4. Jaimie, I'm glad to hear your son is safe and unharmed. Unfortunately, these aren't isolated icidents, the University here near me has had several reported incidents of theft and robbery. As parents, we can't stress enough the importance of saftey in numbers when walking anywhere.

  5. OMG, I'm so glad he was not harmed! You are so right, we need to teach our kids to do the right things. we need to lift them up and encourage them. Such a scary thing, and your son did the right thing.