Monday, September 21, 2009

Helpful Websites for Etsy Shopkeepers

There are soooo many websites out there that claim to be informative, helpful, etc, but which ones actually have good information? You hear through the grapevine about different sites here or there so I've listed a few, maybe you can find one that is helpful for you!

Etsy Price/Profit Calculator -

Heartomatic View/Heart Synopsis - You can also browse Front Page Treasuries there!

Craftopolis Treasure Hunt - search current treasuries to see where you might be featured. Also has a treasury clock to see when new treasuries can be created.

Poster Sketch for Treasuries - create a treasury here have it ready when they open!

Etsy Wiki - Tons of information from who are the top sellers to how to open an account

Etsy Hacks - home of the popular "copy listing" function

Lets-Ets - valuable tool to help you upload your items to google base so they
show up in google shopping search results, more helpful than you might think!

Google Analytics Setup - - read this post to find out how to set up google analytics for your

Okay if you are a new seller this is probably more information than you want, but each of these links provides valuable tools for both fun and in depth ways to help get your shop out there, so click a few links have a little fun and sell a little more! (okay, maybe sell a lot more we hope!)


  1. Great tips, yes there is so much info available now to new sellers. I am sure many will appreciate the list in a handy spot.

  2. great set of tips - thank you for sharing with us!

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