Thursday, September 24, 2009

Finishing the Sale, Etsy Tips

So you have a shop now and have made a couple of sales but things aren't going as smoothly as you thought?

Well you aren't alone! In some of the groups I'm in we are seeing an increase in the amount of time it takes for the buyer to pay. A lot of times it is because new buyers are unfamiliar with how to complete a sale in etsy. I recently came across a seller .

She sells wedding florals and sees a lot of first time etsy buyers. She includes in her listings the text

"If you're NEW to Etsy, here is a helpful link to guide you through the checkout process: Very Easy to Buy!! "

This link takes them to the super explanatory link that takes them step by step through payment. I loved this and thought it was a great solution to both welcome new buyers and guide them through the process and in return, get your cash! I just had to share, thanks AmoreVivo!

Also, when you ship internationally you are required to fill out a form 2976 or 2976 A . On those forms is an identification number. Keep your receipts! These have recorded on them the scanned id number and even though it doesn't work every time, if you need to track that package many times you are able to get a status by putting that number into the tracking number blank on the usps website. In addition if you need to investigate a missing package you can go to the post office and with that number send an information request. I know from experience that shipping internationally can sometimes be frustrating so every little bit of information helps! Well, all you etsy sellers have a great day and if you have a tip of your own, post it here in comments, I love new ideas!


  1. Thank you for showing these wonderful tips. I added the link to both my stores.
    I've never seen them before so it was a surprise for me too!!!

    Have a great Thursday!

  2. Great informative post! I will have to add the link of the Etsy explanation to my shop's announcement page.
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Jamie, that was so wonderful of you to mention me in your helpful post! Another tip I can pass on is that when I receive a convo asking about a possible custom order (I do alot of custom), in my reply I offer them my e-mail address. I set up a seperate e-mail just for my etsy shop. This way, it also makes the client comfortable that you're genuine and helpful.
    Your blog is wonderful. I just started one this week and oh gosh, it needs alot of work. But if you would like to follow (I followed your blog), here's the link:
    Michele in Michigan