Sunday, August 30, 2009

Movie Madness.....with a Cake!

All you guys know I'm crazy about movies. So Here is a Two For One, Kind of......

Rachel Getting Married - Wanted to see it because I love Anne Hathaway and I heard she was really good in it. Well she was but am I happy I netflixed it instead of going to the show. It is a very gritty, realistic portrait of what happens to a young woman who has spent a lot of her young life messed up on drugs and is looking for forgiveness/validation in the wrong way. It really sort of makes you feel hungover by the time it is finished.

So if you are an Anne Hathaway fan, see it, or if you like the rehab topic, see it, otherwise, pass it by.......

Now for the 2nd half.

Ever want to host one of those really cool themed parties like for a birthday or oscar party? Well at Piece of Cake Decorating you can get all sorts of great ideas. Her cakes are amazing. Click on the picture above to be taken to her blog post about the movie cake. You can purchase the reel, film and clap board as well as get directions for it and see the things needed. A hunt around her website and you will see a darling slumber party cake and tons of other cute things!


  1. I so agree about that movie - I saw a screener copy and - agree the acting is good - but the previews made it look more fun, and less serious about a dysfunctional family. Although I do think it would be a great movie on the right setting. (ie a psychology class - when we had to watch movies and see patterns)

  2. My husband made me turn it off but it wasn't horrible. I also NetFlixed it. I would have watched the whole thing but then again, I'm the type of person that needs to finish what I start ;)

  3. That movie made me cry *so* much. I mean, I admit I am quick to get a bit teary eyed in movies, but this one wasn't that enjoyable, therapeutic light cry. I sobbed so much I felt worn out when it was over. It was very realistic, though. I guess if you are looking for an escape this is just not the right movie. :)