Thursday, January 22, 2009

Back to School (College)

Tomorrow my college age son goes back for semester 2 of his college career. He goes to a school far away from home so visits are not frequent. It isn't like the kid who goes an hour or two away from home and can be-bop in for a laundry weekend or something. You really miss them but get used to them being gone. You so want to see them when they get home you want to just hang out with them, but reality is they don't want home to be any different than it was when they lived there. So, you have to force yourself to not be clingy.......

He is happy to be going back and in reality I'm happy he is leaving though I'm sure I'll be teary eyed again on Monday when I realize he is gone and so grown up now. But, we still exercise some control. Michael Jordan has a method we use, he told his son that he had to call home at least once a week. If that 7th day comes and no phone call is received, don't worry about it. Expect Dad and Mom to be at your door on the 8th.

Very effective.

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  1. Hi Jamie - Thanks for the mention. The #Kindness Party is over, but the #Kindness After Party is still going on. It's more of an ongoing trickling stream rather than yesterdays' amazing flood, but people are still tweeting #kindness.