Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Movie Review, 2 Comedies

Good Morning all! After a week in sunny Florida I'm back and ready to post. We did go to the movies too so I'll start this week with my usual Monday Movie Review. It was vacation time so we chose comedies. My kids saw Land of the Lost and my husband and I saw The Hangover.

The kids really liked Land of the Lost. I didn't go but both my 13 year old boy and 10 year old girl said it was funny. The scenes they commented on to us had that usual brand of Will Farrell silly humor that appeals to kids of all ages. My 13 year old though, who loves comedies didn't come out asking to buy the DVD when it comes out, so, I will generalize that while a good pick for the tweens it wasn't a smash hit........

Okay, The Hangover. First of all do not even think of a tween going unless you are a super liberal parent. I can't remember seeing an erect penis in a regular movie since Boogie Nights, but there is one here! Second it is hilarious (the movie that is) ! If you are easily offended don't go but the premise of the movie is plausible and there is both slapstick and more sophisticated humor. Rollergirl from Boogienights (Heather Graham) also makes an appearance ironically, and I enjoyed that she isn't a typical Hollywood woman and has continued to appear a natural beauty. Ed Helms from the Office gives a great performance as the walked on boyfriend while some guy I never heard of named Zak Galifianakis is super funny with his delivery of strange and zany dialog. Bradley Cooper and Justin Bartha up the cutie quotient and the movie has a satifying ending. So, in general go see it ! It is really funny......


  1. Thanks for the review, I've been wanting to see The Hangover and now I know I will for sure! Sounds like fun! Trudy aka Momma Goddess

  2. Thanks for the Reviews! I REALLY wanna see the Hangover! It is in our Netflix Queue lol (I hate the actual movies anymore lol) And as for Will ferrell.. well I like maybe 50% of his stuff.. some is just too "stupid" for me to even comprehend - though Men seem to like him lol

    Thanks Again and I look forward to seeing hangover!

  3. thanks for the reviews, jamie! i hope you had a great time on your vacation.