Monday, November 10, 2008

UWIB Testimonial

Okay, I know "testimonials" are for things like acne products, but, UWIB, Unique Women in Business is so different it deserves something that testifies to its attributes!

I've been selling online for over 5 years now. First on Ebay and then on etsy starting just a year ago. In all my time selling it has been such an alone experience. You list your items, you take questions, you hope they sell and you deal with sometimes rude buyers. You deal with competitors that spam your buyers, badmouth you and just aren't friendly and then you start all over again when you list another item. Etsy is a little different in that the crafters and buyers are friendlier to one another and you meet people in the forums, but UWIB beats it all. I found them through twitter and signed up being a little skeptical. It seemed like it was kind of like a buying club, but I was going to buy things anyway so what did I have to lose. I have only been impressed with the other members since I have joined.

When you post something in the messages, the members actually read them and they click on your links. They provide feedback and encouragement to the members and sincerely are interested in what is going on. There are opportunities to show your products in chat room parties and the leader of the group is always promoting the members stores and merchandise in every online venue you can imagine. Twitter, myspace and the UWIB blog all are pumping the members items. It is the only thing I have done outside of etsy that I can be 100% sure has increased my sales and not just because other members have bought.

So if you want to become part of a truly amazing group, that is positive and does what they say, this is it, Unique Women in Business


  1. Holla!! A shout out to UWIB...we ROCK! Nice write up!


  2. Very well said and my sentiments exactly! I feel so blessed to have found UWIB and all of you wonderful members!