Monday, December 1, 2008

Keys, Phones and Tickets, Growing Up!

My 18 year old came home for Thanksgiving last week. He is a first semester student at Kansas City Art Institute and is adjusting to living away and far (we are in Houston Tx) from home. He had a wonderful time visiting friends, family and in general being a kid again. Saturday came to soon for his dad and I and we put him on the plane wondering at how we made such an amazing guy. About an hour later we were reminded that no matter how amazing he is he is still adjusting to living independantly!

5:30 - Plane leaves Houston for Kansas City

5:35 - Grandma finds his dorm key at her house

5:40 - Send him a text telling him so he will know when he lands, dorms don't officially open until tomorrow there may not be anyone there to let him in.

7:40 - Frantic text from son asking what to do, call him and advise him to call all friends in dorm and see if anyone is there, if not try to find security.

7:45 - Call him back to tell him to stay in hotel, Continental Airlines answers his phone, evidently he left it in the bathroom. Braindead airline employee doesn't think to page him until I ask him to.

7:50 - Son calls has phone now, sounds rattled.....

8:00 - Son calls again, "When did I park here at the airport?" has lost parking ticket to pay with.

9:00 - Son calls for final time, got lost on the way back to school but did find RA to let him in his room

9:05 - Mom pours massive glass of wine........

Parenthood is a wonderful thing that never ends......


  1. I dont have kids but you made my laugh! maybe i related to this just a lil too much from back in the day hahaha Great post!

  2. LOL That made my day, started it off with a chuckle.

  3. Ohmygosh that is too funny!!! I am seeing visions of my future! My son is 14... :)

  4. Scary, isn't it?
    Thankfully, they usually survive this stage... and so do we. :)

  5. What a beautiful family!
    I can only imagine whats it like to send your kids off to college.
    I have 2 girls(twins)graduating high school in May and luckily I work at a college where they can attend. I am so excited not to have to send my babies off very far.
    We must have artistic children. I guess they get it honestly with all of us crafters. My daughter wants to work on a digital graphic degree. YEPPEE!!!
    Good luck to you. I hope to keep watching your updates on your blog.